A Series of Unfortunate Vents

The story you are about to read is true. The names have been changed to project the innovative.

It was September 21st, 2018; we were working the night watch on the QSR detail.
My partner is Pitco. Eddy Pitco.

My name’s Fry-Day. Grill Sergeant Joe Fry-Day.

It was 2:06 PM when we got a call from a cook in distress. She needed help with a problem. A cooking problem.

Culinary Brown blurted out “I need a Griddle.”


“A three foot Griddle.”

Dough Net

3: 58 PM, Eddy and I drove over to the restaurant and we talked to the owner. We intended to grill her over why she wanted a griddle.

“Are your ducts in a row?”

“Ducts?” Inquired Culinary Brown, “What are ducts?”

“They are a series of unfortunate vents.”

“Whenever you cook proteins, you give off grease-laden vapor.  How you wipe it out must be executed in the manner prescribed by law.”


Common canopy hoods are designed to remove effluent, grease-laden vapor, heat, odors, carbon monoxide.  Their design relies upon moving these undesirable elements to the building’s exterior, an inherently expensive and inefficient system.
Ventless systems which forego the use of outside ducting, mitigate these elements at the source.

By handling the hazards locally, better control can be leveraged over the processes.  Cost savings ensue, and safety is enhanced.

Ventless appliances typically use one or more of several technologies:

  • Hepa-Filters
  • High-speed extraction
  • Catalytic converters
  • Precipitators
  • Carbon Filters

The flexibility and mobility features inherent in ventless make them attractive for both start-ups and renovations.

“you have a right not to waste your money, you have a right not to remain with old systems.  Anything you cook can and will be used against you in computing exhaust fans”

“I know my rights…”

“That’s right, Culinary, ditch the ducts and go ventless”

“Grill Sergeant?”

“Yes, ma’am?”

“What’s the source of the smoky flavor from a griddle?”

“Just the fats, ma’am.”

Ventless Wednesday



Suzy Q

By Suzanne Quiring, CDM, Registered Dietitian

Self Directed living = Self-Determined dining


Have you heard the term “self directed living” and wondered what that really means? Nursing HOme

Self- Directed living is a school of thought related to ‘person-centered’ or ‘individualized’ supports that help people to maintain full & meaningful lives in their communities. The term is often used for persons living with disabilities but it can be broader than that, and transfer into Health Care Communities.

The purpose of self directed living is to allow someone to choose, pursue and achieve ‘their best life’ to a similar extent to others. So let’s take this one step further to the dining room of a Health Care Community: Does your meal service support choice, and looks/feels similar to folks NOT living in Residential Care? Is it self-determined, and allows the client/resident to self-direct their choices?

If your community is on tray service or pre-plate service, it is honestly time to change and get with the times. We are here to help your team succeed!

(A little secret – did you know that under Suzanne’s desk, she keeps a pile of signed trays from communities that have changed? The pile is growing nicely).

Suzy Q


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