This week begins with 10/4.  That means “understood” in radio parlance. 📻

How much do we really understand?  Apparently we only retain 15% on average of what we “learn” – unless we review it.  What lessons have we learned in the last 17 months?  Much of that body of knowledge is rather dark in retrospect, and many woould rather forget most of it. 🏫

To move forward one must continue to strive to learn.  To break from this morass, we need to broaden our horizons.  To borrow a phrase, in foodservice, “It’s a great big world out there, someone’s got to furnish it”.  🍳

With all that is new in the industry, with all that has changed, how do you keep abreast of it all?  In- person learning is necessarily making a comeback.  Industry events have finally safely and successfully resumed. 🎫

There are a plethora of highly anticipated affairs next month. Will you be rejoining the community in person?  Will we see you in November? 🙌

10-4, good buddy…

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Featured at the Ghost & Ventless Kitchen Forum 11/16/21

Featured at the Ghost & Ventless Kitchen Forum 11/16/21

Bread is like the sun.