Three amazing new websites are now on-line.

Follett has created the perfect on-line showroom for its ice products.

ITI covers the entire spectrum of tableware and accessories for various concepts.

Carter-Hoffman gives you the flexibility of a spectrum of PUC solutions for food lockers.

Check each of them out below:

Follet virtual showroom link

ITI catalog page link

Pickup cabinet subweb

Just announced:

Our Program & Speaker Lineup

Our inaugural 2021 Ghost & Ventless Kitchen Forum is on track to exceed the extraordinary success of our 2019 Pizza Forum. 

Ghost Kitchens represent Foodservice’s ultimate de-coupling of production and fulfillment.
Ventless tech solutions enable commercial kitchens to operate in just about any space. Together they create a powerful disruptive force. 

We’ve recognized that, as major retailers have adopted the ghost kitchen model, there is a growing need for an overview of the concepts, planning, development, and execution of successful operations. Our Ghost & Ventless Kitchen Forum will be showcasing both the nuts and bolts of ventless appliances and the many nuances of ghost kitchens.

We have planned a complimentary day of mock-up ghost kitchen and live cooking vignettes by our chefs in the various environments on ventless appliances, along with a classroom component centering around costing, menu development, marketing, real estate, and technology, with speakers from the operator and the manufacturing communities.


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