Is indoor dining only while “swaddled in bubble wrap” a future that anyone wants to contemplate? 

Now that deep-surface cleaning (to eliminate the virus from contact transmission) has been discredited, and there are solutions to the aerosol virus, let’s work to banish the fear of restaurants to the trash heap of history.

Dining out must again become an integral component of our shared human experience.

It can be (and has been) argued that the herd immunity tipping point has already been reached.

  • A large population percentage has been vaccinated
  • Warmer weather (with the Sun’s vitamin D bonus) is here
  • PPE’s, personal sanitation, and social distancing are ingrained

Have a coffee out, meet some friends for lunch, enjoy date night again. The time has come to fight the food-fear-factor. 

Pecinka Ferri now offers an amazing solution, Blue Zone which effectively kills the airborne virus.

Rob Schwalm at Link2 demonstrates using low temperature steaming with his Hoodini.

Fisher vs. Krowne

Finally, a lid dispenser that actually works. 

28 second video.
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