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AutoQuotes Announces Partnership with Energy Solutions

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AutoQuotes, the Jacksonville, Fla.-based product database and configure, price, quote (CPQ) software firm, has signed an agreement with Energy Solutions, a California-based clean energy implementation firm.

The deal was announced Sept 23. The partnership will give the thousands of dealers, reps, consultants on the AQ platform access to instant, point-of-sale rebates for eligible operators on thousands of energy-efficient equipment listings on AQ.

With utilities and governmental bodies across the nation now offering efficiency rebates on commercial foodservice equipment, and so many E&S channel companies working on broad regional and national levels, the partnership will help operators and their specifiers take advantage of the myriad of offerings in different areas.

Eligible AQ dealers can now easily enroll in Energy Solutions’ “Instant Rebates!” Instant Rebates! Program, embedded in the AQ platform, and earn incentives for their customers on each piece of eligible equipment sold. 

Participating dealers can offer cost savings right on the sales invoice to their eligible customers that operate in one of eleven states with an Instant Rebates! program. AutoQuotes: Pens Agreement To Track Energy Rebates

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