Don’t you really hate paying for shipping when shopping from home?  At our house, we often try all possible means to avoid it.

Perhaps it’s the fear of the unknown that drives so many of us to want “free freight” when placing orders.  But who really pays those fees?  We know for certain that the carriers and their drivers are not foregoing getting paid.trucks

Much “ink” has been devoted of late to “the last mile” and the problems associated with it.  E-tailers grapple with schemes including membership programs, minimum purchases and flat fees to ease these burdens.

Manufacturers and distributors routinely rack up huge tariffs for inbound AND outbound shipping. Will end-users ever happily underwrite these costs in the commercial arena, now that they are so accustomed to “free freight” in their personal transactions?


The freight carrier industry is in the midst of disruption (alongside many other industries which it serves).  Economic and technological forces are causing turmoil in the transportation ecosystem, with supply chain interruptions and cost overruns in the offing. 

Newly enforced regulations have already severely reduced an already ELDoverburdened pool of available common carrier options.

You need to prepare yourself now for dramatic changes in freight policies from your trading partners!

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New Wave Stone2new wave stone

The NewWave Stone Collection offers the ever-popular NewWave pattern with a soft gray, stone like finish.  This modern shape in a more rustic look creates a casual atmosphere with a shot of extravagance.

Dish Washer safe

All items are stocked in the New Jersey Distribution Center

Samples available to order now through the normal process

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  • In an effort to streamline business practices and maintain a fair and competitive sales environment, Server Products will discontinue free freight program, effective April 1, 2018.

  • Advance Tabco no longer offers a local truck, having ceased product warehousing at their Long Island facility.  All product will now be shipped from their respective factories where produced.

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