Monday, March 21, 2016

🐰🐤 Guess What Time Of Year It Is 🌷💐

  • March Madness?
  • Daylight Savings Time?
  • Pi Day?
  • Ides of March?
  • Saint Patrick’s Day?
  • Saint Joseph’s Day?
  • First Day of Spring?
  • Palm Sunday- Good Friday – Easter Sunday?
  • April’s Fools’ Day?
  • All Of The Above, plus Buying Group Season?

Yes folks, it’s buying group season!

Be prepared for unreturned phone calls, bloated travel budgets, lost weekends, and silly promotions.

The caravan has started its journey across the US, and the usual suspects are in tow. 

This latest iteration of the cirque de BG is upon us.

What now substitutes for meaningful industry discourse is the 15 minute round-robin stare-down conference chat.

Attendees include C-Suite denizens, Brand Managers, and short-straw newbies.  Each contestant contributes their own out-of-touch-with-the-street perspective to the dialogue, until a stalemate is reached.

What possible purpose can these junkets serve in today’s business climate?

The only thing more dreadful than the process or its outcome would be the prospect of being drafted as a participant.

Please note: our fax lines were down temporarily on Friday 3/18/16. 




HIMI is thrilled to announce we’re currently at 1,300,422 cycles.That’s OVER one million cycles, on one single unit, without changing any internal components.

Now that is a reliable product!

At HIMI Products, Our Quality and Integrity are Truly Inseparable.