What are some of the best innovations the food service sector has developed in response to the coronavirus pandemic?

Most of the response has been aimed at assuaging the public’s fear. Some of it has been comical, some practical. 

Dummies in Diner

The vast majority of operators initially adhered to local guidelines restricting occupancies by arbitrary percentages; many have now, at this later stage of the pandemic, been a little more “flexible” in their approach.

PPE’s such as face masks & shields, plexiglass barriers at interaction points, increased spacings between seated patrons, and the conspicuously visible cleaning of surfaces and ubiquitous signage are all common. Hand sanitizer stations proliferate.

sanitizer stand

Some QSR operators initially (and some permanently) restricted access to restrooms and removed seating. Many facilities reduced menu offerings, eliminated physical menus, or initiated single-use menus.

Other single-use service items of tableware (to the consternation of sustainability efforts) were implemented of reintroduced. We are currently seeing a backlash, whereby limited service operations are experimenting with permanent wares, especially refillable coffee cups.

Ed Senior

With its perception of a lower probability of viral transmission, outdoor dining has been a salvation for many independents. Now the weather-sensitive limit of this safety-valve is rearing its head as we approach colder months.

Curbside pickup (also known as “curbside delivery”), home delivery (by both the operator’s staff as well as third parties), take-out only, and ghost-kitchens (completely divorced from any hint of on-premise dining) have now eclipsed traditional restaurant FOH/BOH (front of the house-back of the house) models.

Cook Tek Delivery equipment

Technology has emerged as a facilitator for much of the change. QR codes substitute for menus on tables, mobile ordering apps abound, and monitoring software has enabled larger restaurateurs to eke out a profit by controlling costs and more importantly, ensuring public safety.

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