A Poem by Meghan the Vegan:

I must have my meal
But cannot eat veal
I cannot eat eel
A banana I’d peel!
I cannot eat lamb
I cannot eat ham
Who will advise me
What’s in that canned spam?
I can’t have scungilli
But might have fusilli
As long as the sauce
Resists meat at all costs
I’d love some blueberries
Or even ripe cherries
I’ll leave the lobsters
To gangstas and mobsters
I cannot eat custard
Tho’ slathered with mustard
For me, there’s no quails
No entrails, no snails
Although it seems quirky,
No turkey, no jerky
No scrambled eggs
Nor fried chicken legs
I cannot eat clams
But love the grape jams
Who’s gonna tell me
What’s in that canned spam?
With all that’s at “steak”
Just let me eat cake

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