A new day has dawned for the foodservice vendor!

Differentiation has become an essential part of the future as suppliers consolidate, with M&A activity and bankruptcies either realized or rumored.

Low cost providers are driving margins ever lower on commodity goods.  A well-trained, customer focused supplier team can present value propositions to operators (instead of allowing them to default to inferior, lower priced productss).

There are several mega-trends that will play out over 2018 that will impact procurement:

  • Although the overall category of meals away from home is growing, traditional foodservice kitchens now prepare them with less frequency. Food preparation is being shifted to ghost kitchens, virtual restaurants, grocerants, meal kit commissaries and others.
  • B&I has surged in Metro NY and will continue to do so as we evolve into “Silicone Valley East”.
  • As high-profile chefs reverse migrate to their birth communities (to avoid NY’s high cost of living and the new tax burdens) independent operators will continue to struggle with labor issues.  This, along with soaring commercial real estate costs, will open opportunities for those who can innovate to save labor.
  • Food trucks, once viewed as a solution to brick-and-mortar issues, now are eating into established foodservice operation’s sales and profits.

As the market continues to evolve and change, many folks are being drawn to channel partners who invest in their businesses and people.

Pecinka Ferri is scaling up as well, to support our clientele with the most professional and knowledgeable sales staff, backed with the best customer care. 

More Price List updates:

Blendtec 1/1/18

Clabo USA  2/1/18

Continental Refrigerator 1/31/18

Insinger Machine 3/1/18

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