Join us in congratulating Joe Ferri Jr. upon achieving a major milestone in his career, attaining CPMR®
(Certified Professional Manufacturer’s Representative) status.

CPMR® is executive education for current and future rep firm owners and managers. The program requires a commitment of three years to gain knowledge and insight into operating a more effective and profitable rep firm. In addition, the candidate acquires an international network of colleagues from many industries. Graduates earn the right to use the distinctive CPMR® designation and gain membership to MRERF’s Institute for Professional Advancement (IPA).

Pecinka Ferri is proud to now have a total of three of our associates certified!

Insinger invites you to their first ever “NAFEM Break Area” inside of their booth #1651! ☕ 

Featuring work tables, comfortable 💺 seating, and plenty of outlets 🔌 to charge your electronic devices 📱, they invite you to utilize this space (& to discuss Insinger, of course).

Enjoy one of seventeen (17) different drinks from our Bluetooth-enabled, super-automatic coffee machine, a fresh cup of “pour-over” coffee brewed just for you, or a chilled refreshment 🥃 while you catch up.

Please join us and see all of the innovations that will be changing the way you look at warewashing forever!

  • Dan Farmer has resigned his position with Perfect Fry to assume a leadership role with a sister company.


  • Lauren Peters has been named Customer Service Supervisor at Server Products.

Progress being made on our new test/demo kitchen!

Stainless Wall Up

Plumbing Roughed

Electric Roughed


 NAFEM booths and locator map:

1 Irinox USA 215
2 HIMI 229
3 International Tableware, Inc. 428
4 Clabo USA, Inc. 492
5 Server Products, Inc. 612
6 Diversified Metal Products, Inc. – Dispense-Rite 620
7 Univex Corporation 1218
8 Multiteria LLC 1408
9 Advance Tabco 1443
10 Alluserv 1605
11 Lakeside Manufacturing, Inc. 1605
12 Hatco Corporation 1612
13 Insinger Machine Company 1651
14 Anets 1668
15 Blodgett 1668
16 Carter Hoffmann, LLC 1668
17 MagiKitch’n 1668
18 Market Forge Industries, Inc. 1668
19 Middleby Corporation 1668
20 Perfect Fry Company LLC 1668
21 Pitco Frialator, Inc. 1668
22 Blendtec 2268
23 Lowe Refrigeration Inc. 2663
24 Weiss Instruments, Inc. 2687
25 Hydro Life 3002
26 Continental Refrigerator 3222
27 Bally Refrigerated Boxes Inc. 3242
28 Lancer Corporation 3435

You’ll need to ask us for Hatco party invites this year – they are only available virtually.

Click on map for a large indexed version